Hello. I’m CJ.
By: Date: June 13, 2020 Categories: Random Thoughts

Well, not really, but that will be my alias for this journal.

So, I started this blog to talk about my journey to FIRE. I know, I know, another FIRE blog, what makes yours so special? What’s your angle? Are you going to spout out FIRE platitudes of “spend less and save more?” “live frugally?” etc. Sort of, kind of, and not really.

There are many ways to FIRE, but at its core, the FIRE journey is some mish mash of maintaining a reasonable budget, having a high savings rate and making your money work for you. My story will be unique from yours, Mr. Money Mustache’s, Root of Good, and the many other FIRE journeymen, but it will also be the same in many ways based on the core principles noted above.

This blog is different because unlike the other blogs where most people talk about throwing their money into low-cost index funds and building wealth that way, I instead choose to actively manage my portfolio in an effort to maximize returns and yield positive alpha (returns in excess of the S&P 500). In addition, one of my goals after achieving FIRE is to start a non-profit to help others with financial literacy.

This “journal” will provide insight into my investing philosophy, my “money hacks” and most likely a series of rants about various things about money, personal finances, the market, and the economy.

Hopefully you find it interesting. Welcome.


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